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Behind The brand

Blk Athluxure, pronounced [Black Ath-LUXE-ure], was created in 2019 with all women in mind. We know that in life there are days when we don’t think, feel, or perform like our best selves. As strong and independent women we strive forward, no matter how many things we have on our plate on any given day.

That’s where the magic and charm of Blk Athluxure happens. We are a fashion go-to for activewear that’s luxe while remaining wearable. On your best days, worst days, and in-between days, you’re still able to look your best.

With Blk Athluxure our activewear, swimwear, and lifestyle collections are carefully curated for the everyday woman. We aim to make her feel confident and strong while providing maximum comfort, style, and sophistication.

Whether you’re on your way to the gym, a day of errands, or out to dinner, Blk Athluxure is comfortable and stylish enough for every occasion. No matter what your schedule or how you’re feeling, our collections will keep you feeling fresh, polished, and confident all day.