Behind The Brand

Who We Are

Blk Athluxure, pronounced [Black Ath-LUXE-ure], was created in 2019 with all women in mind. We know that in life there are days when we don’t think, feel, or perform like our best selves. As strong and independent women we strive forward, no matter how many things we have on our plate on any given day.

That’s where the magic and charm of Blk Athluxure happens. We are a fashion go-to for activewear that’s luxe while remaining wearable. On your best days, worst days, and in-between days, you’re still able to look your best.

With Blk Athluxure our activewear, swimwear, and lifestyle collections are carefully curated for the everyday woman. We aim to make her feel confident and strong while providing maximum comfort, style, and sophistication.

Whether you’re on your way to the gym, a day of errands, or out to dinner, Blk Athluxure is comfortable and stylish enough for every occasion. No matter what your schedule or how you’re feeling, our collections will keep you feeling fresh, polished, and confident all day.

Our Founder

Kaylyn Fudge created this brand with 3 values in mind; Confidence, Inspiring, and Versatile. She aims for women to feel confident in her clothing, inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and having the option of versatility in every look. 

A Florida State University graduate with a degree in sports management, Kaylyn went on to acquire her Master’s degree in international marketing from London South Bank University in the United Kingdom. She credits both of these experiences with being the foundation for her drive, determination, and success in business.

She is able to draw upon her education in order to hone her skills in marketing, merchandising, brand labels, technology, management, and business analytics to create a motivational environment that inspires clients to nurture their bodies and minds by working towards a stronger, healthier, and more confident self.

Shortly after school, Kaylyn gave birth to a son. The following weeks and months as a new mom are what inspired her to create her brand. With all of the responsibilities that come along with parenthood, it’s easy for new moms to feel like they’re losing their sense of previous self. Kaylyn knows firsthand what this feels like.

Through this experience, Kaylyn was inspired to create a brand that perfectly married luxe fashion with athleisure wear. The carefully curated items at Blk Athluxure are meant to make all women look and feel strong, confident, and gorgeous at all times.


Drawing from her own lively and hectic life as a busy new mom, Kaylyn started Blk Athluxure to help women look and feel good when they don’t have the energy, motivation, or ambition to take the time to put themselves together.

Through the creation of Blk Athluxure, Kaylyn was able to find the motivation to get back on track to becoming a healthier and better self. She is now dedicating her work and brand to doing the same for others.